Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Up In The Air (Down on The Ground)

Riding your bike everywhere awards you a whole list of benefits; and unfortunatly frequent flyer miles are not on that list.  We therefore did not have the clout of George Clooney's character in his recent movie "Up In The Air" and were not able convince United Airlines customer service to pull some super-heroics to get us to Portland today (despite that fact that after missing 2 flights and then being rescheduled for a flight that had departed two hours earlier, I had called upon a bag of Miss Vickie's Jalapeno Chips to have a Hulk-esque effect on my typically slow-to-anger demenor).

Just when it looked like we were destined to spend the night in O'Hare (and my scoville induced rage had worn off),  George came to the rescue.

No, not George Harrison (the decidedely overdeveloped beatle's theme is through).
No, not George Clooney  (he's in a tight spot of his own)
but, George Carr

We were introduced to George and his wife Joanne a couple of days ago by their son (and our mentor) Dan over Skype and made tentative arrangments to stop by their house near Chicago when we ride through in August.  This introduction came with perfect timing and was either a sign of divine providence or the immense generosity and hospitality human beings.  They saved us from a long night on the floor of the terminal and have blessed us with couches, beds, internet, delicious food, and friendship. 

I was really anxious as our trip approached about all the things that will go wrong that are out of our control.  Today has washed all my anxiety away.  Things went really wrong and we are more confortable than we could ever be and have two new friends. I am now ready to enjoy the next two months confident that everything will turn out all right.


  1. love to see that you guys are going with the flow and making the best of things...what other choice is there? Thinking of you guys!

  2. Hey Ben and Nat! Good luck on this AWESOME adventure! I'm so, so, so jealous!!! I hope you boys have a wonderful, eventful journey filled w/ 'good times' memories! What an experience to tell your children about!
    May you be protected by a higher being during your travels! Trish G.