Wednesday, August 11, 2010

All things go, all things go...

The past two days have felt as long as a week.

Yesterday, we woke up early and rode the train into Chicago.  In the morning, we sipped coffee while surveying the giant stainless steel bean in millennium park.  After that we walked down the waterfront.  After this we split up.  Joe rode the train up to Evanston to visit his cousin, Elyse, who attends Northwestern University.  Nate and I met up with Lisle, a friend from EMU.

After eating lunch with Lisle, Nate and I swung by Chicago Theological Seminary for a tour and interview.  This was my first visit to a seminary.  It was both exciting and frustrating to start the whole college search again.  The visit did rekindle my interest in theology and ministry.  I also enjoyed walking around the building which features beautiful gothic architecture. Unfortunately by the time I would enroll, they will have moved into a new building.

After visiting CTS, seeing some mummies, and going to Lisle's house we drove into the city to pick up Joe and Elyse.  We then went to Megan Ramer's house.  She is the pastor of Chicago Community Church.  We met with some of her congregants in her yard and talked about riding bikes and living deliberately.  Partway through that conversation, our friend James, his father (and our pastor) Jonathon, and his girlfriend Ashley dropped by.  After the event, we went with them to the train station where Jonathon bought us all donuts (Micky D's was out of ice cream).

We got on the train at 10:40 and George picked us up at 11:30 ending a very long, but fun day.

Today we got a ride from George to compensate for our time spent in Chicago and I had a frustrating incident with a pedal.  We are spending the night with EMU friend Nathan Kauffman.  Tomorrow we ride to Archbold, OH to see our friend Stewart!

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  1. Here's a shout out to all the folks at Chicago Communiy Church. We used to worship there when we needed a break from our own church!