Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Freeway Isn't Free

I have had a special affinity for this state ever since I bought a cordory tucker hat bearing its name from Gift & Thrift for $.075.  I still hold many aspects of this state (especially Boise) in high regard.  Such is not the case for its interstate system.

We are in Twin Falls, ID staying with EMU student Cody Stutzman and his family.  We arrived late last night after two tough days.  We enjoyed dinner with his parents, Lyn and Doug, when we arrived at around 10:00pm.  We then showered and slept for a long time (more than 14 for nate).  Today has been relaxing.  Joe watched the World Cup final and I read a copy of EMU professor Linford Stutzman's book "Sailing Acts" that I found on the Stutzman's coffee table.  It tells the story of the two summers that he and his wife Janet spent tracing the apostle Paul's routes around the Mediterranean Sea.  I really identifiesd with his story and could understand the trials and tribulations of their endeavor.  It was comforting to read about how he coped with the challenges that accompany rewarding experiences.

One challenge for us occured when we were trying to leave Boise.  We recently learned that out west, sometimes the freeway is the only road that connects two towns (bikes aren't allowed on the freeway for good reasons).  Such was the case with Boise and a town 50 miles away called Mountain Home.  Being on bikes and all, we tried to get to Mountain Home on dirt roads, but could not find the right ones.  We then had to back track and take route 78 which took us about 50 miles out of the way.  This made for two really long, hot days.  Fortunately, the night in between Boise and Twin Falls, we met a friendly sheriff who invited us to sleep in the town park of Grandview.  That worked out well with exception of the dog, the skunk, and the sprinklers.  After riding 100 miles on Friday and 90 miles into a headwind on Saturday, Cody and his fiancee picked us up, and  we were very thankful.

My advisor at EMU, Nancy Heisey, just chatted me on facebook and offered to pray for hospitality and wisdom for us to know where to look for hospitality.  We could use this over the next couple of weeks.  We hope to stay with people from the United Church of Christ in Pocatello on Tuesday night.  We have not been able to find someone to stay with in Jackson Hole, WY so we may not go there.  In that case we may just go through Yellowstone.  We do not at this point have any connections between Pocatello and Freeman, SD.  If anyone has any connections in northern WY or southwestern SD please call me: (860) 490-4452 and leave a message.  If you don't have any connections, we appreciate your prayers.

We are having fun and trying to stay cool.  Wyoming here we come!

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