Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I spent last night and part of this moring writing a more-or-less thougful piece about the national parks.  When I went to publish it something went wrong and now its gone.  We need to get on the road so I'll just give you a quick update.

We just made bacon and eggs in the kitchen of the United Church of Christ in Sheridan, WY.  They graciously opened up their doors and let us sleep in their building last night.  Today we ride toward Devils Tower.  It should take two days to get there.  After leaving yellowstone a day early we seem to be close to on schedule. 


  1. Ben, Nate, and Joe you are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. I had to laugh on Sunday . . . up until then my prayers started with dear God . . please watch over Nate, Ben and the other guy . . . Joe, after church on Sunday I now know who the other guy is . . . I love reading about your trip and am in awe of each of you . . . your strength, your perseverance, your courage. My vote on rain is it won't happen until 7/29th . . . best to each of you. with love, Denise

  2. You will see lots of whistle pigs by Devil's tower. Have you started to see a lot of motorcycles yet? You will soon!

  3. Denise - We appreciate your prayers! Thanks you so much!

    Auntie Sheral(ee) - What's a whistle pig? and are you going to sturgis?